Shame on India!

Shameful pitiful display by India.

Egyptian Merchant Vessel Suez (captained by a Pakistani, with crew including six Indians and four Pakistanis, with other nationalities making up a 22 member crew) was captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates. After a long period, finally an agreement was reached to help free the ship and its crew. According to the agreement, Pakistan was to raise a big chunk of the ransom while India was to do the same for its share. The Indians then reneged on their part at the last moment jeopardizing the lives of the captives. The pirates refused to release selective prisoners. It was all or none. They also raised the ransom for missing the deadline. Pakistan then raised what was supposed to be the indian share of ransom and secured the release of the ship & crew. India left its own citizens out in the cold, not contributing a single cent. The freed indian members of the crew also lamented on the apathy and antics of their own country and claimed that had they been from the rich class, the indian approach would have been different. They also thanked Pakistan for helping free them.

But it doesn’t end there. After the release, the ship was to be escorted to safety.

Risky manoeuvres off Somalia: Indian HC called, told of displeasure

Indian Navy was to escort the ship to the closest safe port of Salalah in Oman for which it had dispatched a frigate, but reports suggest that INS Godavari did not respond to a distress signal from the Egyptian merchant vessel’s captain, who then sought help from Pakistan navy, which immediately dispatched PNS Babur to escort it to Salalah.

The pirates attacked again and the Indian vessel assigned to protect the merchant vessel chickened out and left the unarmed ship to the mercy of the pirates. Fortunately, Pakistan’s PNS Babur repelled the attack and saved the MV Suez from another tragedy. But the shameful display by India didn’t end there.

As PNS Babur was escorting the ship to safety, India’s warship finally showed up after the pirate attack had been beaten off. And what did the Indians do? They acted in a belligerent aggressive manner towards the Pakistan warship which also resulted in a minor collision between the two. SHAME ON YOU INDIA. TRULY SHAMEFUL. NOT ONLY DID YOU NOT RENDER ASSISTANCE TO YOUR OWN CITIZENS, YOU THEN ACT IN SUCH A DESPICABLE MANNER. SHAME ON INDIA AND INDIAN NAVY.


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