First Post – Reminders, Concept and Rules

In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
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U.S. killing civilians with impunity

USA killing civilians in Iraq, Syria and all over the globe through indiscriminate targeting. When there is an attack on civilians in the West, then there is round the clock coverage. Condolences, outrage, detailed biographies of the victims. But, when the victims are innocent Syrians, Iraqis (and … the list goes on) and the perpetrators are American forces, then that isn’t newsworthy. That isn’t “terrorism”. That isn’t “murder”. Just salute the troops, wave the flags, hold the parades.

U.S.-Led Coalition Attacks in Raqqa Level Homes, Killing Civilians

In Syria, the journalistic monitoring group Airwars reports a series of U.S.-led coalition attacks in recent days have left scores of civilians dead. Airwars said one coalition airstrike on Tuesday leveled a home in Raqqa, killing up to 50 civilians, including entire families. Among the dead were Hamada Al-Saeed Al-Hamzawi and three of his family members. A separate U.S.-led airstrike that same day reportedly killed 11 members of a single family. And on Wednesday, an artillery attack, likely from U.S.-backed forces, reportedly killed Raqqa resident Mohammed Ahmed Abdel-Rahim.

Shame on Sony

Bought Sony Bravia (LED) Television in Pakistan (not a knockoff). Went with Sony and coughed up more money because you expect that a big brand like Sony would be better quality and reliable. Less than two years after purchase, the TV is not working. A red light flashes 6 times. This flashing of six times according to Sony manuals is a code representing specific problems with the unit. Had to pay substantial money to have it repaired, only for the problem to re-surface a few months later. If you do an internet search on Sony Bravia and these flashing red light codes, it is apparent that the problem lies with Sony. They have sold substandard and defective televisions. But we the customers are left to fend for ourselves. When you buy a TV, you expect it to last for far longer than a couple of years. By the time the problem surfaces initially, the warranty has already expired. So, the customers have to pay the price for Sony’s fault. The customer pays a significant amount of money to purchase a LED TV and expects it to have a reasonable lifetime. Instead, one finds out that the TV is defective. Now, either you keep coughing up money for repairs or buy a new TV. All because of Sony. I am sure that the SONY Service Centers have received numerous complaints about the same issue plaguing some of their TV models. Sony should have acknowledged the problem publicly and offered free repairs / extended warranties for problems that are clearly Sony’s fault and not the result of improper use/care of the TV set.