Blackwater, anti-BDS and Trump

Trump’s new education secretary Betsy DeVos is the sister of Erik Prince (founder of the notorious Blackwater), and the daughter-in-law of the co-founder of Amway and longtime supporter of right-wing causes.

Trump’s pick for UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was the first governor to sign legislation against the BDS movement, and unsurprisingly her appointment is being welcomed by israel.

American Lies on Civilian Deaths

US air and drone strikes ‘killed up to 116 civilians’

Shameless liars.

President Barack Obama signed the executive order to require the government to disclose the number of civilian deaths each year in an effort to improve transparency in US military operations.

What is even the point of the charade? Just propaganda and a false official version. Also, the way that USA defines “militants” is a farce in its own. When just based on age and ‘profile’, anonymous deaths are classed as being militants instead of civilians. Just killed a 16 year old shepherd or an 18 year old walking reaping his crops. No worries. Since the ‘guidelines’ and ‘rules’ invented by the war criminals say the default assumption about these people is that they are terrorists, so all is well. Just jot them down in the militants columns. Wave the flag, support the troops, salute the murderers and sing the star spangled banner.
An abomination that is known as the War on Terror. Shouldn’t it be War of Terror? What Obama and his cohorts forget though is that while they can twist facts whichever way they want, the real fact is that everybody dies. One day they will die. On the Day of Judgment, the concocted facts won’t absolve the war criminals and murderers.

CIA destroys Torture Report

The architects and perpetrators of the atrocities now covering their tracks so that history will not remember their depravity. But no amount of “mistaken” destruction of documents will save these so-called protectors of the free civilized world on the Day of Judgment. It was the barbarism of these people which planted the seeds of the death and destruction which is consuming the world.

CIA Internal Watchdog Admits It Destroyed Copy of Senate Torture Report

The CIA’s internal watchdog has admitted it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of the Senate’s report on CIA torture. Yahoo News said the acknowledgment came as Justice Department lawyers assured a federal judge copies of the report were being preserved. The CIA reportedly does have another copy. The 6,700-page report has never been publicly released.

Senate report on CIA torture is one step closer to disappearing