Salute to Martyr Naik Ashraf

2:154 And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah “dead.” Nay, they are living, only ye perceive not.

May ALLAH accept the martyrdom of Naik Ashraf and shower His blessings on the brave warrior. The cowardly indians once again showing their depravity and bloodlust. The first soldier martyred was a Pakistani in a cross border raid by the indians. When Pakistan offered an impartial United Nations inquiry into a subsequent clash, the indians in typical fashion refused the investigation for fear of their lies being exposed.

No PR6/2013-ISPR Dated: January 15, 2013

Rawalpindi – January 15, 2013:

Indian troops again resorted to cease fire violation and carried out unprovoked firing this evening at Line of Control in Hot Spring and Jandrot sectors from 2200 to 2300 Hours. Resultantly Naik Ashraf embraced Shahadat at Kundi Post due to unprovoked Indian firing. Naik Ashraf is survived by a wife and 3 daughters.


Today in History: Umar Mukhtar

On September 16, 1931, Umar Mukhtar the famous and courageous mujahid who fought against the Italian occupiers was executed at the age of 70.

“I shall not cease to fight against thee and thy people until either you leave my country or I leave my life. And I swear to thee by Him who knows what is in men’s hearts that if my hands were not bound this very moment, I would fight thee with my bare hands, old and broken as I am …”

— As narrated by Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss) in his book “The Road to Mecca” as Umar al-Mukhtar’s reply to (the butcher of Fezzan and butcher of Ethiopia) General Rodolfo Graziani of Italy.

As Italy’s forces unleashed a barbaric campaign to colonize Libya/Cyrenaica, brave souls rose up in Jihad against the oppressors. Indiscriminate killing of Libyan men, women & children was carried out by the Italians to realize their goals. A whole people were imprisoned as thousands were sent to concentration camps by the Italians to suffer in squalid starving conditions. But brave warriors waged a Jihad of self-defense and watered Libya’s soil with their blood. These mujahids live on as Martyrs.

Hero for Liberty: Maqbool Bhat

On February 11 , 1984 Maqbool Bhat of Kashmir was sent to the gallows by the Indian occupiers of Kashmir. This hero and son of Kashmir still lives on as a martyr who refused to choose personal liberty over his people’s liberty. He could have found a haven away from Kashmir and built a nice cosy life for himself. Instead he choose to sacrifice his own well being for FREEDOM. A touching tribute by Mohammed Hussain Khan Altaf can be read @ The Great Martyr

Some words of Maqbool from above link,

“Freedom cannot be limited and compartmentalized; I however, cannot be made to compromise on my basic belief of a complete freedom for my homeland”

“Struggle is the best criterion to judge not only who is for and against the truth, but also to expose the hypocrites”.

“the end of communication is the beginning of all violence; where communication stops, beating, burning and hanging takes place’. For the fulfillment of my desire for my land and my people, I have gone through ‘the beating and the burning’ at the hands of those who deny truth. Having failed to break my spirit, only ‘hanging’ is left for them to try. May the Almighty strengthen my resolve and fortitude and bestow upon me the patience that I may not waver in this final test.”

To stand up to and defy the standard bearers of tyranny is the greatest honor of humanity. The history of ripping off from tyrants their democratic robes’ and exposing their monstrosity is as old as the history of man.

Nations survive because of that (strong) spirit, that abiding passion for liberty, which according to our Holy Prophet (PBUH), “emboldens one to recite the Kalima-e-Haq (the call for the truth) before a tyrant, and that too with the conviction that this is the greatest Jihad”.

In this never ending conflict between truth and falsehood, those who respond to their conscience and identify themselves with the standard bearers of truth, covet no rewards and desire no praise. This long and trying struggle sees many crests and troughs. The passage of time and unfavorable circumstance may affect its intensity but cannot put and end to it. It is the greatest duty of every upholder of truth to continue this struggle in all its intensity.

Pakistani Hero

Nowadays, all one hears in news bulletins is how a bomber in Pakistan claims __ number of lives. Here is another Pakistani. He is from Swat as well, the region racked by violence. He has 14 lives to his name. Only, he didn’t hurt anyone, he saved them. Working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, during the recent floods, he saved 14 strangers and died trying to save the 15th. His name is Farman Ali Khan.

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Bilal Omer: An officer and a gentleman

“…He could have run away during the attack on the Parade Lane mosque but he grappled with a terrorist, managing to overpower him and get him down, when the man took out his pistol and shot him then blew himself up. It was this blast, which took this gallant soldiers life but saved that of many. He lived up to the words he repeated often. “We must not be cowed by these terrorists. We must fight.”

The gate of his house wherever he lived was never locked. “Why don’t you lock your gate,” his neighbours and other visitors asked him. “Terrorists will be able to enter easily.”

“Then we will fight them,” he always replied and also exhorted his family to be prepared to do the same…”