America’s “Battle Lab”: We just found our Auschwitz

“We just found our Auschwitz” so said a US soldier.

Guantánamo as America’s “battle lab” said US Generals.

The story of how 3 detainees who supposedly committed suicide (and hence per a US Admiral waged “asymmetrical warfare”).
The supposed suicides were accomplished by (as stated by Scott Horton who saw the NCIS report),

“We were able to see how they had concluded the suicides occurred. And they state that these three prisoners bound their feet, bound their hands with cloth, stuffed cloth down their throats, in some some cases at least, put masks over their faces to hold the cloth in place, fashioned manikins of themselves to put in their beds to deceive the guards, put up cloth to obstruct the view of cameras, fashioned a noose, which they attached at the top of an eight foot wire wall, stepped up, as their hands and feet are bound and their gagging on cloth, stepped up on top of a washbasin, put their head through the news, tightened it, and jumped off. And moreover, that these three prisoners in nonadjacent cells did all of these things absolutely simultaneously in a clockwork-like fashion. So the story is just simply incredible. Simply, not believable, I should stress.”

Did Gitmo “Suicides” Cover Up Murder? U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison’s Secret CIA Site


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