Indian Cowards

An Indian soldier was washed away after his boat capsized in a river. He didn’t know how to swim. Pakistani soldiers rescued him and then took him into custody. After investigation, he was released unhurt, safe and sound to India.

“”They made me comfortable. I was given food. I have no complaints. I am very happy I am going home,” BSF soldier Satyasheel Yadav said. He added that, “They kept me better than I had thought they would.”

Indian BSF soldier says he had ‘comfortable’ stay in Pakistan

While the soldier was in custody, Indian Border Force kidnapped a Pakistani villager. A day after the Indian soldier was released, the dead body of the villager was returned by India.
AJK villager’s body handed over by India

Deputy Commissioner Poonch Chaudhry Fareed told Dawn that the postmortem report conducted in Hajira had revealed that Kala Khan was shot from point blank range.

“This obviously suggests that he was first captured and then shot dead in cold blood,” he said.

This is the cowardly face of India which has great courage in killing innocents. No wonder, Indians (on social media and elsewhere) supported israel while it was bombing UN shelters, schools, hospitals and killing men, women, children, babies. Cut from the same cloth, the two are bound in their ‘courage’ of killing innocents.


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