History: African Muslims in the US

The First Muslim-American Scholar: Bilali Muhammad


One thought on “History: African Muslims in the US

  1. This was a very good read. The writer of this article has balance. I thought we were going to get another tirade against the ugly savage white man. As you know , the first slaves in the islands were the native Taino Indians followed by Irish, English, Scottish slaves who died miserable deaths and severe excruciating sunburns under the Caribbean sun.  Estimates of Irish and Anglos and scots range up to a million slaves. Some put the Irish at 300,000 but that may be an exaggeration. There were also dutch and french slaves. The Black man could withstand malaria and the searing sun much better than the european white and thus were used, As you put it too, fortunately for us readers, this african slave trade was truly managed by african/Muslim tribal leaders, and without them, black slavery would not have flourished,. There were many fair white slave owners. Hollywood has done america a terrible terrible harm in making all history look deranged. But nothing bad is ever said about Israel and what it does to Palestinians and other mideasterners, not to forget the 1967 massacre of American sailors, marines, and civilians on the USS Liberty. This was a great false flag crime masterminded by the master of deceit, Israel.   As you know, the flag of Monserrat has a white Irish woman with a harp on its national flag.


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