Accessories to War Crimes

The accessories to war crimes are those paid to keep the record straight


One thought on “Accessories to War Crimes

  1. I t was obvious to me that Britain was run like America. The zionists own and run 98% and all of the major media of television and newspapers. Americans have been treated to a dismal and rotten reality for most of my 63 years. In the 60s when I was in the Marines all we heard was condemnation by these Marxists/zionists of Vietnam and any kid off the streets and farms of America who was drafted or joined the military. But not a word about Palestine or about Jewish attempts to destroy Catholicism and mainline Prostetantism, etc I had done plenty of research before the 2003 Iraq invasion and knew it was a con job by zionists and neocons. I was in Iraq after the war began and saw how young men were eing ripped apart by massive booby traps (IEDs). Iraqis told me that they were getting electricity for 3 hrs a day. You Brits have watched your country being destroyed just as we Americans have watched ours being ripped apart. The liberals in the USA are no different than these neocons.


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