American Freedom of Media!

Obama and company time and again lecture the world about human rights, freedom and what not. All the while, they themselves are the worst oppressors and criminals.
In yet another display of shameful immorality:

Pentagon Imposes Media Gag on Gitmo Hunger Strikers

The Pentagon has announced a media blackout on information about hunger-striking prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. The latest wave began in February and grew to as many as 106 prisoners over the summer. The Pentagon now says it will stop disclosing how many prisoners are on hunger strike and will reject all media requests for information. A military spokesperson told Al Jazeera: “It’s (the strikers’) desire to draw attention to themselves, and so we’re not going to help them do that.” The latest statistics to be released show 15 prisoners are on hunger strike, up from 11 last month.


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