The truth about drones

Who are the real terrorists? Are these the ‘militants’ that are being paraded by the American Administration and Media as success stories? Are these boys, children and old woman the terrorists or the ones raining bombs on them?
The death of these innocents is simply ignored and unacknowledged and downright fabricated and false low figures of civilian deaths are parroted again and again.
Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars

“Too Scared to Go Outside”: Family of Pakistani Grandmother Killed in U.S. Drone Strike Speaks Out
Only 5 members of Congress showed up to hear the the story of these people.

“These Drones Attack Us and the Whole World is Silent”: New Film Exposes Secret U.S. War

“Wounds of Waziristan”: Exclusive Broadcast of New Film on Pakistanis Haunted by U.S. Drone War
Babies being killed. Innocents being killed but the official narrative obstinately keeps harping about ‘bad guys’ and the ‘militants’.

This is not moral. This is not humane. This is murder of innocent men, women and children. These are war crimes. There is nothing precise or successful about drones or the ones operating them.


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