No money for the poor but plenty for israel

The US financial crisis and recession is hurting the poor and vulnerable segments of american society the most. Budget cuts and cuts to welfare programmes are putting the squeeze on the less well off. And yet, USA doesn’t seem to be short of any money for giving ‘aid’ to israel. Billions of dollars are being given to israel under an agreement which allows israel to take this ‘aid’ to buy weapons. Ironic, isn’t it? US is selling weaponry to israel which is being bought by america’s own money. Add to this the moral factor and it is a dastardly deal. Weapons that are being used to occupy and murder Palestinians with impunity being financed and furnished by USA. And then american citizens (oblivious of their government’s actions across the world) ask “Why do they hate us?” Oh, it must be them. They hate our freedoms.

Now in addition to the above agreement, USA is on course to ‘negotiating’ another ‘aid’ deal which will bind america to pay israel till 2027. So, next time american citizens gripe about the tough economic conditions, STOP! USA has the money. It’s just not for you.

Israel Seeks Increase in Annual US Aid



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