Obama assassinates elderly grandmother

Despite incontrovertible proof that numerous innocent men, women and children have been and are being killed and maimed by USA’s drone warfare, Obama continues blithely with his murderous campaign. That same campaign which US apologetics and officials claim has such wonderful accuracy that bombs can be dropped in crowded marketplaces and mosques and lo and behold, only militants are killed miraculously avoiding civilians.

Congratulations to Obama who just assassinated a grandmother who was plucking vegetables in a field with her grandchildren. Her grandchildren were also injured in the attack. The grandmother was the wife of a school principal. All hail President Obama. The world is so much safer now that he has eliminated a ‘terrorist’. He has made the world safe by eliminating an elderly woman and injuring children. Salute the troops, thank Petraeus for his service and listen to the warm speeches about freedom by Mr. Obama.

Pakistani Family Says U.S. Drone Attack Killed Elderly Woman, Wounded Grandchildren

“…My uncle tried to pick her up but could not do so because she was broken into pieces… We appeal to the whole world to thoroughly investigate this incident so that any such occurrences do not take place with other people in the future, and that no innocent women and children are killed again.”

Tribesmen protest drone strike in North Waziristan

…“Had his house been located near other houses, there was a possibility that the drone might have targetted them by mistake but our aunt and her grandchildren were working in the field, away from the village when they were hit,”

They said those claiming that terrorists were being targetted in drone strikes should come to Miranshah and see the injured children in the hospital or meet the injured admitted to a hospital in Peshawar.


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