Today in History: Umar Mukhtar

On September 16, 1931, Umar Mukhtar the famous and courageous mujahid who fought against the Italian occupiers was executed at the age of 70.

“I shall not cease to fight against thee and thy people until either you leave my country or I leave my life. And I swear to thee by Him who knows what is in men’s hearts that if my hands were not bound this very moment, I would fight thee with my bare hands, old and broken as I am …”

— As narrated by Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss) in his book “The Road to Mecca” as Umar al-Mukhtar’s reply to (the butcher of Fezzan and butcher of Ethiopia) General Rodolfo Graziani of Italy.

As Italy’s forces unleashed a barbaric campaign to colonize Libya/Cyrenaica, brave souls rose up in Jihad against the oppressors. Indiscriminate killing of Libyan men, women & children was carried out by the Italians to realize their goals. A whole people were imprisoned as thousands were sent to concentration camps by the Italians to suffer in squalid starving conditions. But brave warriors waged a Jihad of self-defense and watered Libya’s soil with their blood. These mujahids live on as Martyrs.


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