Hypocrisy Much?

Israel fitting nuclear arms on German supplied subs: report

United States, israel and their pals are hounding Iran over suspected nuclear weapons. Even their own intelligence agencies haven’t found any proof. Regardless, Iran is sanctioned and threatened with war, death, destruction. Assassinations, bombings, cyber terrorism inflicted upon Iranians with impunity and without any regard to international law or common decency. Even if Iran were developing nuclear weapons, by what right should they be denied such aspirations when it is perfectly fine for israel, US and others to have these very weapons in their own arsenals. israel hasn’t signed or declared any nukes, yet it is a plain fact that they have them. No sanctions, no threats coming their way, are they? And yet, israel is an illegal entity founded upon usurpation and blood of others. Vile and inhuman tactics are an everyday routine of the israeli occupation and imprisonment of a whole people. The same israel whose soldiers were given the green light to shoot children and drop phosphorus bombs on declared UN shelters. So, it is okay for israel, US and others to possess nukes but not for Iran. Oh, no, no. Ironic against this is the revelation that submarines whose costs have been paid in major part by Germany itself are now being loaded with nuclear weapons. At a time when Iran is being isolated, threatened and attacked through covert and overt means; the accusers unbound by any laws, treaties or morals have a free reign to assemble their nukes for a mass murder of human beings. Hypocrisy much?


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