The wrath of the pro-israel Lobby!

An American Former Congresswoman’s brave tale. A long read, but a very enlightening one. A perspective on how israel’s minions control the United States. Also, the quote about the Balkanization of muslim states such as Sudan (Pakistanis would do well to remember our situation vis a vis Baluchistan).

Cynthia McKinney, Former US Presidential candidate, blames the pro-Israel Lobby for ruining her political career

Some Quotes,

“People must not be afraid. Please don’t be afraid.”

“It all started with a fax,” she told me. As a candidate for the US Congress, she received a fax from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). “The fax was a pledge stating that as a candidate I would commit my tenure, should I win, to the military superiority of Israel, to Jerusalem as the capital city, to continued aid at the level requested by Israel. There were around five to seven points on this piece of paper and I didn’t sign it.” This was in 1992. Most people, she said, do sign it and that is how politicians get money for their campaign. “I didn’t sign it; I didn’t really understand how Washington DC works, so I didn’t get any money for my campaign. I was able to win but I won with nothing. Then the fact that I didn’t sign the pledge kept coming up over and over and over again. So I knew that this document that I had balled up and thrown away was really very important.”

From the moment that she refused to sign the pro-Israel pledge, claims McKinney, “war was declared on me”. She did not realise the extent to which that was going to resound in her life. “I would get phone calls from people saying they wanted to throw a fundraiser for me and then I’d say fantastic and we’d start planning it and then the question would be asked ‘did you sign the pledge?'” She’d say no and then it was, “well then I can’t do a fundraiser for you.” And that was the way it went. “A lawsuit was filed against the district that elected me. It went all the way up to the Supreme Court.” Later she found out that the Anti-Defamation League, a notoriously pro-Israel group, had been involved in filing the brief: “Clearly, the ADL didn’t forget that I hadn’t signed the pledge.”


Very early on in her political career she noticed a strange pattern to the behaviour of some of her colleagues in Congress. “There are individuals inside the US Congress who never speak on domestic US issues, but whenever anything is related to Israel they will stand up and talk.” The actual topic is irrelevant; it could be about Jerusalem as a capital city or a sanctions bill for example. “I quickly came to know who those individuals in Congress were who were essentially representatives of the Israeli position and started to make a mental note,” says McKinney. “I also began to study how the pro-Israel Lobby works.”


The longer that the Israel Lobby feels that it can act with impunity, she claims, the more heinous the acts will become; “we’ve already seen that happen.” People in the United States and our friends abroad need to help, says McKinney. “The reason that the pro-Israel Lobby is so powerful is because its members are the only ones showing up for the game.” If, she stresses, there was a “Lobby of Conscience, we would win automatically”. She appealed directly to potential supporters: “If people want to counteract the Israel Lobby, call me. Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation about how we can form what I call a Peace Lobby. We need a Peace Lobby.”


Islam has been hijacked by people who are being manipulated by agents of the pro-Israel lobby. Even, for example, Al-Qaeda: “I don’t know the extent to which Al-Qaeda is a representation of religious fervour or if this is something else, but I do know that there was a paper written saying that ‘we can use radical Islam for our political advantage’; this was written by someone inside the United States who was active on behalf of the pro-Israel Lobby.”

“Look at Walter Kansteiner, [the former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (2001-2003)] who wrote a paper saying that various countries have to be ‘Balkanised’; then look at what happened to Sudan. This has been a longstanding policy since the Yinon Plan. The countries that are subject to this process are Muslim Countries.”



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