Kashmiri Student murdered by Indians extremists

Campaign of murder, terror & harassment against Kashmiri students studying in various parts of India. Student tortured and murdered. Hung with his hands tied. Indian Police dismiss it a suicide. Refuse to investigate.

Kashmiri Student ‘Murdered’ In Lucknow

In a bizarre incident, a Kashmiri student doing his MBA course in Uttar Pradesh has allegedly been murdered but the Lucknow police closed the case without either registering a case or conducting any investigation.

However, the family sources said, that on seeing clear marks of violence over the body, which convinced them he had not ended his life but had been murdered. At this, the body was photographed and videographed in presence of the deputy superintendent of police, Uri, after which it was laid to rest at the ancestral graveyard.

The family sources alleged it was a clear case of murder and the body had been hung from the tree to show it as suicide. “If at all, Danish had to end his life, he could have done it at the hostel itself. Why should he have gone missing and hanged himself from a tree away from the college that too having his hands tied up,” they asked, adding Danish had gone to Lucknow to pursue his studies and had no signs of any mental stress.

Reports said it was the sixth case of Kashmiri students being subjected to harassment outside the state which has claimed one precious life with this incident and which has created a sense of insecurity among all their fellow students studying in various Indian states.


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