Pop Quiz on American Justice!

What should be the punishment for a person(s) who killed numerous innocent women & children? Specifically, 24 innocents killed including 10 women & children killed at point blank range. Shot in the head.

What should be the punishment?

a) Death Penalty

b) Life Imprisonment

c) Anything remotely approaching any semblance of an attempt at justice

d) A possible MAXIMUM sentence of three months of confinement, forfeiture of two-thirds of his pay for three months and a reduction in rank for the LEADER. EXONERATION for all others.

If you picked a, b or c, you failed. d) is the right answer. Ok, it was a trick question. All the dead were Iraqis, so they don’t matter. They were lesser human beings. Was this verdict juctice? No. My bad, typo. Was this verdict American justice? Oh, yes! Salute the troops, lets start the parade. The righteous and brave american warriors have saved the world (by executing babies, women & men). All hail USA.

And this is the remarkable american justice in “a case” that came to light in some of the media. The thousands others who have been massacred in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan & all over the world, they have been spared this shining beacon of American justice.

US marine pleads guilty to Haditha killings

Update Edit: US marine to serve no time over Iraq killings

A US marine accused over the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha was demoted to the rank of private but will serve no time behind bars, a military spokesman has said.

Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the last squad member to face justice after all the others were cleared, was sentenced to 90 days confinement but he will not serve it for procedural reasons, the spokesman said.

“the last squad member to face justice”. Hmm, is that what we call this farce? Justice. Seriously? USA, USA. Salute the troops. Shooting innocent people including point blank executions of children & women nets only 1 person a DEMOTION in rank while all others walk scot free. Justice? No. ‘American’ Justice? You betcha. America <— the pits of moral depravity.


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