israeli terrorists (aka Mossad) active in Pakistan

Mossad is openly operating in Pakistan in funding and supporting Jundallah in Balochistan, Pakistan. Jundallah has been involved in various terrorist activities and with israeli and US (intensified under Cheney) backing has been particularly targeting Iran.

Mossad ‘posed as CIA to recruit fighters’

Mossad and other israeli setups have shown that they have neither morals nor any respect for international law. Bombings, assassinations and all sorts of terrorist activities are normal. Whenever anyone talks of israeli and indian RAW involvement in terrorist activities across Pakistan, they are dismissed as conspiracy theorists. But, seriously does anyone expect that these murderers are only funding Jundallah and not other terrorist groups? Funds, weapons and all sort of support flow from israel, india & USA to all sorts of shady and terrorist groups. Ironically, it is mostly these 3 countries who claim to be the biggest victims of foreign terrorism. Maybe if they looked in the mirror, they would see the blood of innocents on their own hands.


2 thoughts on “israeli terrorists (aka Mossad) active in Pakistan

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