USA + israel — Murderers Incorporated

Nuclear scientist killed in Tehran car blast

So, mossad and USA has full leeway to kill people by blowing up their cars. This terrorist cabal can launch stuxnet, but if some obscure hacker hacks israeli credit cards, oh that is “terrorism”. US & israel can kill with impunity, but USA foams at its mouth over THAT plot by the iranian cars dealer. OH wait, that turned out to be false and fell spectacularly on USA’s own face. Iran has no right to nuclear technology and yet on the other hand, you have USA which has actually killed people by the use of its nuclear weapons; whereas israel also possesses nukes, but not a word by its slave USA and their cronies about how the possession of such weapons by an illegal terrorist entity (aka the glorious israel) is a threat to humanity. The same zionist entity which is committing a genocide of Palestinians. So, USA & israel have a RIGHT to commit cyber-terrorism, assassinations and all sorts of foul deeds all over the world (all in the name of national security), but any other country, individual or group which might take a stand against them – oh that is an absolute NO-NO. A threat to world peace.


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