The price of US Drones

These are the victims of US terror campaign. These are the people who are simply added to the list of ‘militants’. No coverage of this horrendous human cost on the US TV networks. The majority of people who are being killed and injured (families killed, permanent disabilities …) in Pakistan tribal areas comprise of innocent men, women & children. No mention of the true facts and figures in official statements. Also, very disturbing to see the comments on the story. One would have thought that such ‘incidents’ would open the eyes of the US public. They would question their officials, end the drone terror campaign. Instead, the commentators refuse to open their eyes, refuse to blame their military and govt. Salute the troops. Hail the heroes. Those brave US warriors are liberating people [… by murdering them]. To kill people in a mass genocide like the US drone campaign and still have the gall to claim that such actions are part of a moral and just cause. Shameful.

Pakistani girl burned in US drone attack gets free treatment in Galveston

May GOD grant this brave little girl health, happiness and much more. May GOD raise the station of all the victims, those martyred, those injured, both in this life and the next.


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