Kashmir: 6 month old SHOT by INDIAN occupiers …

…(one of many innocents buried in mass unmarked graves)

Infant girl’s body with bullet marks buried in unmarked grave

Chahal (Baramulla), Dec 09: Atta Muhammad has buried 235 bodies of unidentified people. But it was the burial of a six-month-old baby girl in 2002 that brought tears to his eyes for the first time.

“She was brought here by policemen in a vehicle and handed over to me for burial. I buried her as per the Islamic rites. The girl was not more than six months old,” the 75-year-old grave digger says in a choked voice.
“When I took her for burial bath, I saw a bullet wound near her belly. That was for the first time I wept while burying somebody.”

The infant’s body is among the 250 bodies buried in one of the valley’s biggest graveyard of unidentified people at village Chahal in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

Meanwhile, human rights activists say the revelation of the grave of the infant girl contradicts the claims of the government and security agencies.

According to the SHRC report released early this year, there are 2156 unidentified graves at 38 sites in Kashmir.


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