Quote of the Day — Plebiscite in Kashmir

Our prime minister solemnly went and assured the United Nations that there should be a plebiscite and he would have a plebiscite in Kashmir. How can you say that these views are seditious or anti-national.

I don’t have any regrets, those are my views. I realise that those views are the minority views in the country today.

Prashant Bhushan, team Anna member and Senior lawyer, who was beaten up inside his Supreme Court Chamber by Hindu right-wing extremists for calling for a referendum/plebiscite in Inidan Occupied Kahmir.
Prashant Bhushan sticks to stand on Kashmir plebiscite

Meanwhile Anna Hazre stands exposed. Hazare claims to be a fighter for just causes, but has completely and abjectly distanced himself from Bhushan’s moral stand. So much for Mr. Hazare.
Also, goes to show the reach of Hindu extremists. They assaulted Bhushan inside the high security Supreme Court premises, not on a public street. So, they can waltz in anywhere and beat up high profile people, what to say of common people who might have a dissenting opinion.

Anti-Kashmir comment: Anna’s aide Prashant Bhushan beaten up
Don’t regret my views on Kashmir: Prashant Bhushan


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