USA appoints & supports cold blooded murderer as “Police chief?”

US has been actively supporting a warlord in Afghanistan who not only is involved in drug running, corruption but also in COLD BLOODED MURDER OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS. US knows the credibility of the crimes of this murderer, but continues to support him as the Police Chief of Kandahar. What are his credentials? Well, he fights the Taliban; so the US is perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to his killing ways and other ‘transgressions’. About how he murdered his rivals in cold blood and then tried to stage it so that it appeared as if they were insurgents crossing from Pakistan. And that is the story of Afghan Army and Police and other institutions being touted by Americans as the future controlling bodies operating in Afghanistan. So, the US keeps harping about Taliban, human rights, terrorism, murder etc. But it is all a sham. As long as the murderers serve US interests and goals, there is no crime that can’t be ‘overlooked’.

Democracy Now’s interview about General Abdul Raziq,
U.S. Continues to Back Afghan Warlord Linked to 2006 Massacre and Torture of Prisoners

The story in The Atlantic,
Our Man in Kandahar
(includes graphic photos)

USA is demonizing Haqqani network, Pakistan and ISI. Pretty convenient fall guys. These are the same Haqqanis and mujahideen that were lauded by Charlie Wilson as “goodness personified” and you can find the pics of them being hosted in the White House by none other than President Ronald Reagan. Typical US strategy. When they were fighting soviet occupation, they were heores. But, resist against the US occupation and they are all terorists, a danger to the whole free world. As long as US interests are protected, then the Zardaris, Saddams … are pals and friends. When they have outlived their utility, then suddenly the US feels the need to talk about human rights and other crimes as if it has only now learned of these misdeeds.

These warlods and murderers are the ones running the Afghan Army/Police and they are being touted as the FUTURE of Afghanistan. Shame on USA. But oddly it is probably appropriate. Murderers and Killers being supported and propped by up the murdering American Govt. and Military. A fitting alliance. From top to bottom, from Karzai to such ‘police chiefs’, these are drug runners, murderers and criminals. But, then again when you look at the Bushes, Cheney, Obamas, the Mullens, the Petraeus, down to the soldiers collecting finger trophies and killing children for sport, then this unholy marriage makes perfect sense.


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