Hindu terrorrists being probed in attacks fasely attributed to Muslims/Pakistan

Non-Muslims being probed in Delhi blast

NEW DELHI: As India’s anti-terror sleuths investigated three non-Muslim men in the Delhi High Court blast case on Wednesday, Home Minister P. Chidambaram raised the possibility of home-grown modules being involved.

“We can no longer point to cross-border terrorism as a source of terror attacks in India,” Mr Chidambaram told the BBC in an interview.

However, the Indian Express on Wednesday said the NIA, the recently formed federal investigating agency, was interrogating an entirely different set of men picked up from different locations in West Bengal in connection with the alleged emails. One name was given as that of Sunny Sharma. He was being brought to Delhi from Kolkata.

Hindu extremists are being probed for a number of bombings in India, including the false flag attack on the Samjhauta Express which they blamed on Muslims.

Mr Chidambaram said even though HuJI had claimed responsibility for the blast, the group had not been active in India for a while.

“There have been three major attacks in India recently — in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. In respect of the Mumbai and Pune attacks, we are fairly certain they were carried out by Indian modules or India-based modules,” he was quoted as saying.

In the past, India has mostly blamed Pakistan-based groups for attacks on its soil.

“That threat remains – but we must also look at Indian modules or India-based modules which are capable of carrying out terror attacks,” he said.


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