Outstanding Customer Support from Amazon.com

I ordered a few books from Amazon.com at approx. the start of July 2011 and had them shipped to me in Pakistan via Standard International Shipping Option (the cheapest option). They were estimated to arrive within the first week of August. Unfortunately, they never showed up and the Standard option didn’t have any tracking info associated with it. I suspect either Pakistan Customs or Pakistan Post to be the party at fault. Whether they are misplaced, delayed, lost, stolen, haven’t a clue so far.

I contacted Amazon.com just to inquire about how long I should wait before giving up the shipment as a lost cause. Mind you, I neither asked nor intended to seek a refund/replacement. In my opinion, it was Customs or local postal services fault and I didn’t want Amazon to be held responsible for the foul up. Within hours of my email, Amazon had replied to me email query. Not only that, the customer rep. also credited the shipping charges as a refund to my account. I actually emailed them a couple of times the next day and insisted that they take back the refund as it wasn’t their fault in my opinion. They sought confirmation of my decision and then accepted my declining of refund. A week later, the original customer representative (who had made the initial refund on shipping costs) followed up with an email inquiring if I had received the shipment. When I said no and reiterated that I did not want refund or replacement order, I got an email back from Amazon that they took full responsibility and gave me a FULL refund (shipping costs + costs of books) with their compliments.

Amazon’s customer support was exceptionally prompt. Whenever I sent out an email to them, they responded within hours. They were very polite and helpful. Incidentally, this was my first order with Amazon. Obviously, not happy about the books not getting to me. But, got a full refund and very impressed with the customer support. Definitely will place an order with them again, but will probably opt for Expedited or Priority Shipping options. More expensive but more reliable. I know the post seems to be overly gushing with praise, but have to give credit where it is due.


One thought on “Outstanding Customer Support from Amazon.com

  1. Update: Books arrived on Sept. 12, 2011. Packaging and 1 book damaged (Customs? Pak Post?), delivered in a sack. Contacting Amazon to return their refund as the shipment has arrived. Will go for priority shipping in future.

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