FREE Stanford ‘Intro to Artificial Intelligence’ Class Online

Stanford is offering an AI class online but with a twist. Unlike other offerings which have notes/videos for online users – for this course, you can take and turn in the assignments, quizzes, exams etc. and be graded. At the end of it you won’t get a Stanford certificate/credit, but “You will receive a letter of completion from the instructors which will include information on how well you did.” So you won’t get official recognition from Stanford, but a private grade by the instructors and will be graded according to the same criteria as Stanford students. More of a personal assessment rather than university credit.

Instructors: Sebastian Thrun, Peter Norvig
Course Duration: 10 weeks (Oct. 10 – Dec. 16, 2011)
Online enrollment DEADLINE: Sept. 20, 2011
Prerequisites: “A solid understanding of probability and linear algebra will be required.”
Textbook will be used. Name of the textbook on the course site. Schedule of lectures, quizzes etc. also on website.



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