Draamay Baaz

So, the noble Ishratul Ebad of MQM is back as Governor of Sindh after tendering his resignation earlier. Flown into the country on the President’s ‘special’ airplane. All a sick joke being played out again and again. We are leaving government, now we are back, no still leaving, nope back again, no … All a sick drama. But it isn’t an inconsequential drama. How were this and earlier dramas played out? At the expense of the blood of innocents. All that fire and rhetoric in the blowup between PPP and MQM. But it wasn’t just rhetoric. People were gunned down on the streets, the buses, anywhere and everywhere. And that is how Karachi and Sindh are held hostage by these murderers both on the streets as well as the murderers sitting in their offices. How many innocents were martyred by these monsters? The city was literally held hostage and millions and millions of dollars worth losses were suffered. All just a game, a drama for the actors but only too real for the common people. And then when the time comes for elections or a change of government, then all these MQM, PPP, PML’s and the list goes on and on; then they will be all maskeen. Oh, we have suffered so much. We have been wronged in this way and that way. They will kill people, fill their bank balances and then will make their press statements and fiery speeches about how poor ‘them’ have them wronged in so many ways. Not the public who they terrorized. No, its poor them who have suffered all this time. All draamay baaz.


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