Pakistan: Thrill seeking Biker kills baby

Baby killed as wheeling goes awry

A five month old baby killed as a stupid motorcyclist runs over the baby and her mother. These one wheeling bikers and car drivers racing on the public streets pose a risk to themselves, but why should other innocents have to pay for their stupidity! With their careless antics, they risk damage to their rides and risk death/injury to themselves, but what gives them the right to put other people’s lives at risk? Public roads are not their playground, their private race tracks! If the cuplrit happens to be a rich person, they either escape overseas or force a settlement by conniving with the police and through pressure tactics against the victim(s) families. If these thrill seekers are showing off and posing a threat to public safety through their rash driving, they should be immediately apprehended, their rides impounded and legal action taken against them notwithstanding how influential their parents/relatives may be.


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