The noble US of A!

How noble of the wonderful USA. Truly, yet another shameful display by a country that habitually likes to chide the world about freedoms, justice and what not. But, their actions speak far far louder than any rhetoric. The US is well and fully the slave state of israel which dictates the US foreign policy, economic policy and military provisions.

Congress Threatens Palestinians With Aid Cutoff Over Statehood Bid

The House has overwhelmingly approved a measure opposing the Palestinian effort to seek statehood recognition at the United Nations this fall. The Palestinian Authority is preparing to ask the U.N. General Assembly to recognize a Palestinian state in the Occupied Territories along the 1967 borders. The non-binding House resolution calls for a suspension of U.S. aid to Palestinians if they continue with the statehood bid. It passed by a vote of 400-to-6, following a similar vote in the Senate last month.


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