America, War … Air Conditioners, Thieving Soldiers, Child Killers

Stories speak for themselves

Among The Costs Of War: Billions A Year In A.C.?

The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion, according to a former Pentagon official.

That’s more than NASA’s budget.

U.S. Returns Small Number of Stolen Iraqi Artifacts

The United States has returned a few dozen national artifacts stolen from Iraq during the U.S.-led invasion of 2003. Thousands of priceless items were smuggled out of Iraq by U.S. military personnel and contractors after the U.S. seized Baghdad. On Thursday, U.S. officials handed over around 30 items to Iraq’s U.S. Ambassador at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Around half of the stolen Iraqi artifacts have been returned, but thousands remain missing.

Afghans Protest Deadly U.S.-Led Air Strike

Hundreds of people rallied in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost Thursday over a U.S.-led NATO air strike that killed at least 11 civilians. The attack was one of the deadliest by the U.S.-led occupation force against Afghan civilians this year.

Protester: “I ask Karzai to pull out these American and NATO forces from our country, if he is able. If Karzai does not listen to our request, we will call for a jihad against America, just as we did against Soviet Russia. You can come and look at those killed in this bombing: three men and eight children, including a one-year old and a two-year old.


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