Injured footballer left to fend for himself

20-year-old midfielder Mohammad Tauseef got injured while representing Pakistan in international football. Playing for the Pakistan side against Palestine, he also scored the only goal by a Pakistani in the series. In the second match, he broke his posterior cruciate ligament (<– what? wikipedia)

The expenses for an operation are estimated to be at least Rs600,000 but the PFF(Pakistan Football Federation) is only willing to bear upto Rs40,000-50,000. The youngster got injured on the field while playing for the PAKISTAN international side. Surely, it is the moral obligation of the PFF to bear all expenses for an injury sustained directly while on national duty.

FIFA, PFF, … Will someone step up? Press conferences, publicity photo shoots by politicians and/or officials galore. But will someone do right by this youngster – not out of pity, not for publicity – but because it is the right thing to do?

Injured Tauseef awaits PFF help for career revival


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