Photography: Focus AFTER you shoot!

While browsing PC World, came across a cool video,
Lytro Light-Field Camera Lets You Focus After You Shoot

A Light Field camera in the prototype (soon to be released commercially) allows you to focus AFTER you take the shot. Don’t have to focus before taking the shot or wait for Auto-Focus, just point and click. Get the snap and then play around with the focus. I am a total layman and not into photography, but this really seems like a cool/novel development.

Lytro are the ones involved in this camera. They have a picture gallery on their website where you can play around with the focus on some photos (didn’t work too well in Opera, so try IE or other mainstream browsers like Chrome/Firefox).

A lot of the tech sites/blogs are covering this story. You can also google lytro and sift through the stories/blogs to learn more about the story.


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