Stealth drones & Pakistan – Security compromised

CIA flew stealth drones into Pakistan to monitor bin Laden house

The aircraft allowed the CIA to glide undetected beyond the boundaries that Pakistan has long imposed on other U.S. drones, including the Predators and Reapers that routinely carry out strikes against militants near the border with Afghanistan.

The drones are also equipped to eavesdrop on electronic transmissions, enabling U.S. officials to monitor the Pakistani response.

The assault and the months of surveillance leading up to it involved venturing into some of Pakistan’s most sensitive terrain. Because of the compound’s location — near military and nuclear facilities — it was surrounded by Pakistani radar and other systems that could have detected encroachment by Predators or other non-stealth surveillance planes, according to U.S. officials.

The security repercussions of this development are worrying and far reaching. US drones operating deep inside Pakistan without Pakistan’s knowledge. The location and scale of the security breach encompassing a wide array of fatal weaknesses. Needless to say, USA’s spying wasn’t a one-off operation. Unquestionably, they have also carried out deep and detailed recon and spying of our sensitive locations and military assets. We had CIA operatives roaming freely inside Pakistan courtesy traitors like Rehman Malik and co. giving free visas + arms licenses to everyone and their brother. Add to that the local assets being cultivated by these operatives for intelligence gathering (i.e. espionage) and other dubious activites inside Pakistan. Guys like Raymond Davis killing with impunity, talking to (who?) people in Waziristan, shooting people in broad daylight, being in possession of photos of military bunkers on the Pakistan-India border and so on and on. Add to all this, the stealth drones et al. And you have a situation where Pakistan Army and ISI are now in the dark on so many activities of grave significance and which also put Pakistan’s strategic assets under threat from USA (<– and its proxies) . The intelligence and security data compromised means USA has a unique trove of classified national security data which given USA's track record, it will not hesitate to use for ulterior purposes either directly or indirectly via India. A colossal security breach courtesy -the traitors who allowed USA on our soil and -the incompetents who then failed to do damage control by neutralizing the boots in Pakistan as quickly as possible.

What price will we have to pay?


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