China stands by Pakistan – 50 JF-17 jets

China has been Pakistan’s friend and continues to be a friend to Pakistan in times of need. China recently announced giving Pakistan 50 JF-17 jets fitted with newer avionics (China Gives Pakistan 50 Fighter Jets).

Contrast this with USA who first trapped Pakistan in its “War OF Terror” and then turned on Pakistan using it as a scapegoat for US failures in Afghanistan. The designation of USA as “allies” has never been accepted by the Pakistani public and the recent diabolical machinations of USA have plunged US popularity in Pakistan to record lows.

On the other hand, China is not Pakistan’s ally. It is Pakistan’s FRIEND. We should cherish this friendship and further strengthen our bonds. Having said that, as I stated previously

In terms of strategic partners, we should firmly ally ourselves with CHINA who have not only been allies but FRIENDS in our times of need. But even in that relationship, we must be careful that we don’t become a satellite. Be their friends and partners, not beggars. Don’t expect China to solve our problems, give us financial aid and so on and on. We keep asking China for such things and instead of friends, our relationship will evolve as inferiors. Act poorly and we will cease to be equal partners and friends. Stand on your OWN FEET AND MAKE YOUR OWN WORTH. LET US PAKISTANIS TRUST IN GOD AND TRUST IN OURSELVES instead of looking to others to help us.


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