USA goes from one massacre to another

Death toll reaches to 21 in US drone attack
Three women and five children among 21 people were killed while several others injured in a US drone attack on a compound in North Waziristan, Geo News reported.”

So, if innocents get killed going after the ‘bad guys’, then it’s all right. An acceptable outcome. That’s war. Happens. The brilliant rationale of the humane civilized USA. If civilians are part of the “collateral damage”, well as long as they aren’t americans, then the price is acceptable. Right?

On another note, why do they hate us? Oh that’s right. The barbarians hate us for our freedoms. Our freedoms to massacre, kill and maim with impunity. Just long as we can put the correct spin on the attacks. They were all militants, baddies. No, we do not have any reports of any civilian deaths. Okay, maybe we might have inadvertently killed one or two. Most unfortunate……… Let another one fly at that house, that car. What? You see children on the feed? Nah, must be imagining things. Let her fly. What’s that? That a kid lying dead. Oh well, that’s war. Let’s go grab a beer.


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