israel pressuring Germany for submarines

israel is pushing Germany for a 6th Dolphin class submarine to add to its navy. UPI gives more details on the story. The story caught my eye because it also briefly touches on schools of thoughts within israeli navy as to what their doctrine should be. Surface ships or subs? Iran and Arab navies. The different roles envisaged by israeli navy in different scenarios. Some background and some future procurements. A quick read for any interested in defense/naval news.

Israel seeks 6th German sub to boost navy


One thought on “israel pressuring Germany for submarines

  1. Merkel is fed up with Natanyahu. Once she screamed at him over the ‘settlement’ problems on the West Bank and Jerusalem, the*deleted* Natanyahu just *deleted* and stopped asking for another ‘almost’ free-bee Dolfin subamrine from Germany.

    You gotta feel sory for the *deleted* Jews – the ME is in a melt-down stage and everyone has the Jews in their cross hairs.


    Tombstone, AZ.
    *deletions for language as per my blog rules*

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