Time for Pakistan to chart its OWN course

Read this on DAWN, Congress asks Obama to abandon Pakistan, embrace India

As a Pakistani, I am glad that this is now becoming more clearer and clearer. US is not out ally, partner, friend or ANYTHING remotely approaching any of these words and NEVER has been. After trapping Pakistan in the demonic US “War on Terror” which has exacted an enormous toll on our nation on so many levels – The deaths, the economy, the territorial integrity, + more and more and more. The list goes on – US has essentially waged war on Pakistan and it is high time we realize this. Instead of cozying up to America and trying to fashion some sort of alliance/friendship with them, it is time we stand on our feet and recognize US has not and will not be our partner. Realize it and start making decisions that are in the interest of PAKISTAN NOT AMERICA. We are not slaves and shouldn’t act as such. We must not be afraid of parting ways with US. Their path is already separate from us. Have the guts to stand on your feet, instead of trying to cultivate an almost impossible alliance. US has betrayed Pakistan in the past at crucial junctures in the past and you can bet your bottom dollar, they will not hesitate to keep doing son in the future, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. We have to wise up and say enough is enough. US is not going to look out for our interests, be our friends, our protectors. We have to do all of that for ourselves. Trust in GOD not in America. In terms of strategic partners, we should firmly ally ourselves with CHINA who have not only been allies but FRIENDS in our times of need. But even in that relationship, we must be careful that we don’t become a satellite. Be their friends and partners, not beggars. Don’t expect China to solve our problems, give us financial aid and so on and on. We keep asking China for such things and instead of friends, our relationship will evolve as inferiors. Act poorly and we will cease to be equal partners and friends. Stand on your OWN FEET AND MAKE YOUR OWN WORTH. LET US PAKISTANIS TRUST IN GOD AND TRUST IN OURSELVES instead of looking to others to help us.


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