9 year old Emilie helps feed Pakistan’s Flood Affected

A touching story about a 9 year old heroine Emilie who lent a helping hand to people suffering far from her homeland of Italy.
A bond forged in humanity not race, nationality, religion or politics.

After learning that families in Pakistan had been driven from their homes by flooding, 9-year-old Emilie decided that she wanted to help. So she started selling lemonade and gave a speech at a local church. In just a few days, Emilie had raised US $700—enough to feed some 2,800 children in Pakistan.

Video & details @
Enterprising Girl Feeds 2,800 Kids In Pakistan

Q: What would you say to another kid who thought that they couldn’t make a difference in the world?
A: I would say that he could always make a difference in the world. It doesn’t always have to be money it can be donating things. If everybody did a little thing in the end it could just make a big, big difference in the world.
Kids in Action – Emilie


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