US unveils new GPS for troops

New GPS device for troops unveiled

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 25 (UPI) — Rockwell Collins of the United States has unveiled a smaller Global Position System receiver for use by troops in the field.

The MicroGRAM GPS receiver, it said, is 90 percent smaller than the earlier version of its Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver Engine SAASM, enabling equipment such as hand-held radios, ruggedized field computers, laser range finders, gun scopes and small unmanned aircraft to be equipped with secure GPS capability.

“Today’s warfighters must be prepared to find their way in unfamiliar environments, along with having precision accuracy in their weapons systems,” said Bob Haag, vice president and general manager of Precision Strike and Navigation Products for Rockwell Collins. “Our new MicroGRAM opens up a whole new world of secure, military GPS technology for equipment that previously could not have it.

“Before now, this equipment could only use commercial GPS technology, which does not have the required military security features that warfighters need to avoid enemy threats.”

The company said MicroGRAM’s unique security features are the result of designing a rugged product that leverages Rockwell Collins’ strong legacy in providing Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module capabilities.

Engineered to minimize its footprint and power usage, the MicroGRAM has been optimized to allow rapid acquisition of the GPS satellites when power is first supplied to it, Rockwell Collins said.


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