Brave Woman defies Indian Army

On February 23, 1991, Indian Army committed mass rapes of many women in the village of Kunan Poshpora in Indian occupied Kashmir. See Wikipedia:Kunan Poshpora incident or Google Search:Kunan Poshpora rape to research the incident in more detail.
Tabish Naseer gives an account of a 50 year old mother Bhakti who stood up against the heinous perpetrators of the atrocities. See @ Courage has a face in Kunan-Poshpora

Bhakti says, “The officer had said to her that they had made an appeal which was granted and they were ready to pay compensation, provided villagers say that army has not done anything here.”

“Even if you give me money equaling the length and breadth of this house even then I won’t change my word. Till the judgment day the blood will ooze from our wounds,” was Bhakti’s reply.

How long will the world powers that speak of democracy, freedom and human rights remain silent on these and many worse atrocities being committed in Kashmir by India? How long will they stand silent on the subjugation and occupation of a people whose only demand is that they be given the right to determine their own future? A fair UN vote/plebiscite/ballot. The world powers/politicians/diplomats only pay lip service when they speak of freedom of oppressed people around the globe, but the Kashmiris are paying with their blood for their cherished dream of FREEDOM.


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