Hero for Liberty: Maqbool Bhat

On February 11 , 1984 Maqbool Bhat of Kashmir was sent to the gallows by the Indian occupiers of Kashmir. This hero and son of Kashmir still lives on as a martyr who refused to choose personal liberty over his people’s liberty. He could have found a haven away from Kashmir and built a nice cosy life for himself. Instead he choose to sacrifice his own well being for FREEDOM. A touching tribute by Mohammed Hussain Khan Altaf can be read @ The Great Martyr

Some words of Maqbool from above link,

“Freedom cannot be limited and compartmentalized; I however, cannot be made to compromise on my basic belief of a complete freedom for my homeland”

“Struggle is the best criterion to judge not only who is for and against the truth, but also to expose the hypocrites”.

“the end of communication is the beginning of all violence; where communication stops, beating, burning and hanging takes place’. For the fulfillment of my desire for my land and my people, I have gone through ‘the beating and the burning’ at the hands of those who deny truth. Having failed to break my spirit, only ‘hanging’ is left for them to try. May the Almighty strengthen my resolve and fortitude and bestow upon me the patience that I may not waver in this final test.”

To stand up to and defy the standard bearers of tyranny is the greatest honor of humanity. The history of ripping off from tyrants their democratic robes’ and exposing their monstrosity is as old as the history of man.

Nations survive because of that (strong) spirit, that abiding passion for liberty, which according to our Holy Prophet (PBUH), “emboldens one to recite the Kalima-e-Haq (the call for the truth) before a tyrant, and that too with the conviction that this is the greatest Jihad”.

In this never ending conflict between truth and falsehood, those who respond to their conscience and identify themselves with the standard bearers of truth, covet no rewards and desire no praise. This long and trying struggle sees many crests and troughs. The passage of time and unfavorable circumstance may affect its intensity but cannot put and end to it. It is the greatest duty of every upholder of truth to continue this struggle in all its intensity.


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