Things taken for granted …

Food. Honey. Go to the supermarket and pick up a bottle. We take things for granted, but people like Tete remind us to value the gifts we enjoy. A touching 4 minute clip from BBC’s Human Planet about Tete who climbs 40 metres (thats about 131 feet) above ground, leaves the security of any vine/harness, is stung repeatedly by a swarm bees and through his bravery is able to collect honey for his wife, his children, his family. All that for bringing honey to his family. Tete of the BaAka people of Africa’s Congo basin. We who have abundance of sugar, honey, foods of all varieties at the convenience of a shelf. So many wonderful lessons in this tale. So much gratitude we owe to GOD for our privileged lives. A reminder also of the sacrifices our parents make to provide us with food and other necessities and luxuries at the expense of great pain and toil.

Source: BBC Human Planet @


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