India blamed for Nepal King’s assassination: Former Aide

The Nepalese General also confirms India’s training of the terrorist groups Tamil Tigers and Mukhti Bahini. The said terrorist groups killed thousands of people in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. India – Democracy or Demoncracy?

India blamed for Nepal king’s assassination

Nine years after the assassination of Nepal`s King Birendra, a former royal aide has dropped a book bombshell alleging India could have possibly incited the killing.

In his memoir, “Maile dekheko darbar” (The palace, as I saw it), former palace military secretary Gen Bibek Shah writes that New Delhi provided arms training to Nepal`s anti-monarchy Maoist insurgents and claims he was asked to resign because he came to know about it.

The former general of the Nepal army, who had served the palace for nearly 30 years, said he would launch the book formally on Wednesday, the 65th birth anniversary of King Birendra.

Shah also alleges in his book that India trained the Tamil Tigers as well as Bangladesh`s Mukti Bahini at the same facility. When he was informed about this by a senior police officer he tried to investigate the truth, Shah writes, adding that he was unceremoniously asked by King Gyanendra to resign following this because of pressure by India.


One thought on “India blamed for Nepal King’s assassination: Former Aide

  1. Everyone has its own perspectives, so does the media. Today book is out in the market. To understand the book have to read it. It doesn’t have anti –India (foreign) sentiments as portrayed in the papers. It is about a man’s journey and an account of how the institution of monarchy (which is now history) functioned for the public. Not many people will have the guts like this to promote transparency and accountability which will hopefully promote good governance within the country and between the countries in the future. This is very critical at this stage of our political development.

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