Delhi Games — Anger mounts, Olympics hopes in tatters

After the whole Delhi CWG fiasco, it seems the Indians are intent on prolonging the reminders of their incompetence. With the hopes of bidding for the Olympics firmly dashed, now the Indian organizers are blocking payments & equipment and refusing to even reply to the aggrieved parties. Needless to say, the Delhi CW Games have been a resounding failure and embarrassment for India and they don’t have anyone else to blame but themselves.

EXCLUSIVE-Games-Delhi organisers accused of owing millions

Organisers of this year’s New Delhi Commonwealth Games were accused on Tuesday of owing companies millions of dollars and blocking equipment used for the opening and closing ceremonies from leaving India.

“This is a scandalous situation. I find it outrageous an organising committee behaves like that,” said Ric Birch who has organised ceremonies for Olympics and Commonwealth Games since 1982.

“The behaviour of organisers and Indian government agencies has been so shameful that any international company must beware of entering into any business contracts with Indian government agencies.”

“For some of these companies involved this equipment is their lifeblood,” Birch said.

Corruption, shoddy construction and health and security risks blighted the build-up, bringing into question India’s ability to host an event of that size.

“India is doing damage to the reputation and brand of the Commonwealth Games,” Birch said. “If they ever mounted an Olympic bid we would make sure the bid would not get very far.”


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