OnIslam article: Living a Single Life

A nice read I came across on OnIslam.net

Read full article @ Living a Single Life
By Fatimah Asmaal


Therefore, we also have to remember that just as marriage is an integral part of faith, so is exercising trust in and patience with the decree of Allah, All-Wise. We have to realize that — ultimately — if we are still unmarried, it is simply because Almighty Allah has willed that we be single at this point in time. We have to opt for one of two choices: to lose sleep over it, beat ourselves up everyday, and feel really sorry for ourselves, or to realize that the time we have in our hands is a gift from our Lord and a trust from Him that should not to be wasted in counterproductive thoughts and futile tears and fears.

Having come to grasp the value of time, we have to start spending it in the most beneficial way.


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