The recession is over …

… otherwise why would USA waste almost $50,000 a minute? Especially considering the voter backlash in the midterms where the Democrats and Obama took a battering on the economy/recession? Surely, the US would not waste money if the recession weren’t over. And yet, $3 billion is going to be gifted “out” of America instead of being spent “on” Americans. In order to perpetuate a sham – the sham being giving israel $3 billion for a 90 day freeze on settlements (in West Bank; East Jerusalem not included in freeze) and also being given various US guarantees which include

the sale of 20 F-35 jets worth $3 billion, a pledge to veto Palestinian efforts to gain statehood recognition through the United Nations for at least a year, and assurances that the Obama administration would not press Mr. Netanyahu for a further settlement moratorium.
Israel set to OK 90-day halt to settlements

Mind you this $3 billion is in addition to the yearly billions the US pays to israel, in addition to the arms worth millions and billions put at israel’s disposal under the all encompassing “strategic reserve”, in addition to numerous other payouts.
Robert Fisk sums it up another way,

Robert Fisk: An American bribe that stinks of appeasement
Three billion dollars for three months is one billion dollars a month to stop Israel’s colonisation. That’s half a billion dollars a fortnight. That’s $500m a week. That’s $71,428,571 a day, or $2,976,190 an hour, or $49,603 a minute. And as well as this pot of gold, Washington will continue to veto any resolutions critical of Israel in the UN and prevent “Palestine” from declaring itself a state. It’s worth invading anyone to get that much cash to stage a military withdrawal, let alone the gracious gesture of not building more illegal colonies for only 90 days while furiously continuing illegal construction in Jerusalem at the same time.


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