Karachi: MQM, ANP, PPP, Militants & their Death Grip on Hospitals

“I will not deny this occurrence. I live in this city and I know how things work. Refusing and delaying treatment in cases of emergency, especially after incidents of ethnic violence and terrorism, is a crime but all this is happening… Now the situation is such that all public hospitals in the city have the offices of MQM, PPP [the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party] and if it’s a Pashtun-dominated area, ANP.”


“One ethnic-based party is so strong that it makes sure that the duty doctors are unable to carry out their work once the injured start arriving. We have doctors and other staff who are from that party within the premises.”


“I was shot in the leg by these boys near Lalo Khait. I made my way to Abassi Shaheed Hospital but they refused to treat me.”

The unholy death game being played by the thugs in Karachi doesn’t stop on the streets. Even the hospitals (which are supposed to be a relief for all human beings – regardless of religion, caste, ethnicity) aren’t spared the deadly plays of murder and depravity. A shocking insight by IRIN into this despicable sacrilege of the noble profession of medicine and health care. Threats and attacks on hospital personnel to ensure that the wounded of an opposing party/ethnicity aren’t treated. Some of the doctors and staff in hospitals (from parties like MQM) bring emergency care and treatment to a halt based on the victim/patient’s ethnicity. In other cases, doctors are threatened and attacked (sometimes murdered) into compliance. Offices of political parties like PPP, MQM, ANP are situated inside hospitals to leave no doubt about who calls the shots in the particular locality. And now militants and terrorists also joining the act with their threats to the medical staff.

Read about it @ IRIN’s website PAKISTAN: Sectarianism infects hospital wards


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