Woman makes dog “untouchable”

641px-Dalit_IndiaImage Attribution:http://www.retas.de/thomas/travel/india2007/index.html / CC-BY-SA-3.0

A woman takes food to her husband working at a farm. Some leftovers were left after the meal, so she feeds them to a dog. That simple act of feeding a dog is enough for the woman to be fined by the village council and for the dog to be turned out of its owner’s house. Why? Answer: India’s caste system. The dog’s owner belonged to an upper caste family, while the woman who fed the dog was a Dalit, a low caste, an untouchable. Her food, her touch is enough to defile. This is not fiction, not a joke. A sad reality for millions of human beings. Dalits can’t drink from the same wells as upper caste hindus, can’t use the same utensils, can’t go to the same schools and in some rural communities it is punishable if the shadow of a Dalit falls on an upper caste member. They are considered as impure. So impure that apparently the food of a Dalit can make a dog untouchable. Yep, that’s right. A human being can make a dog impure. Discrimination against other religions such as christians and muslims in India is well known, but most Dalits are actually supposed to be members of the same religion i.e. Hinduism. The world knows about indian software industry, their beauty pageants, the bollywood movies and also know that there is a lot of poverty in India as well. What they don’t know about are the currents of religious and social bigotry that permeate indian society. If you think this is far-fetched and untrue, step back from the popular news sources, away from the indian media image lobby groups and do your own research from impartial and unbiased sources. For starters, try googling dalits.

As for the incident mentioned in the beginning, more @

Row over ‘untouchable’ Indian dog

Dog cast(e) away after dalit touch


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