Doctors praised for dedication and professionalism

For a change, Pakistani doctors being praised for their professional work ethics. There have been a spate of high profile malpractice incidents in recent times in the Pakistan medical community. And the medical sector in Pakistan is beset with numerous and grave problems both as a whole and on individual level. However, it is nice to see that there are still people working selflessly and tirelessly to help humanity. This, of course, does not mean that the serious and fatal failings claiming lives due to shoddy doctors and institutions should be forgotten. Quite the contrary. It’s just nice to see a positive story once in a while. From DAWN’s Letter to the Editor @ Well done, doctors

Thursday, 23 Sep, 2010
I AM a businessman and have a manufacturing unit located just outside of Lahore. Recently one of my employees accidentally got his hand stuck in a large cutting machine. This accident resulted in his hand being almost completely cut off.

The injury was so severe that it cut off all his nerves and veins except his fingers while the hand was hanging from his wrist. We called 1122 and they rushed him to the newly refurbished government-run Mayo Hospital, as is the practice for most industrial accidents.

It took them only 15 minutes to get from Shahdrah to Mayo Hospital. Upon reaching the Mayo Hospital I could never imagine that we would get one of the best emergency surgical treatments in Pakistan and that too in a government-run hospital. A team of highly trained, qualified and most of all dedicated doctors spent over nine consecutive hours in treating this injury and sewed back the hand of my employee.

Thank God, he can now feel his fingers and is recovering. I know the field of medicine and surgery has crossed many frontiers and it may have been just a normal operation in the eyes of the doctors but what I never expected was that we would get such high quality treatment in a government-run hospital. And it was all for free.

The doctors had no incentive in spending so much time and energy and this poor man was not somebody who could’ve influenced them as is the practice in our country and neither did I.

The injury was so severe that the chances of survival were grim. The only reason these extraordinary men and women did what they did is a sense of civic duty to their profession, Pakistan and humanity.

Where we always criticise our public officials and public institutions with such zeal, we should take out time to shower heaps of praise on such heroes and institutions. The Mayo Hospital, its administration and its doctors deserve nothing less.

Cantt, Lahore


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