Kashmir is burning

Kashmir Map

Image Source:Wikipedia

I don’t know what to blog about Kashmir. Should I blog about the indian atrocities, the pain and blood of Kashmiri muslims, the eyewitness accounts, the news reports? It seems such a feeble response, but silence is not an option.   Pakistan is suffering from many pains of its own, but we have not forgotten our Kashmiri brothers. At the government level, we have a dysfunctional corrupt system with people in power who are not representative of the aspirations of the general public. So, the gaffes and sellouts of government officials and leaders should not be construed as the abandonment of Kashmir by Pakistan as a whole. The Pakistani people still care about our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. The latest news reports indicate that the number of Kashmiri martyrs in the present murdering rampage of indians has gone up to 105 and still rising. Our prayers and well wishes are with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. I pray that Kashmiris breathe the sweet air of freedom very very soon. Long Live Kashmir and its brave muslims who are buying the freedom of their children with their blood. ALLAH is our MASTER and he does not abandon those who hold fast to Him.  May GOD protect Kashmir and its people from all pains and atrocities.


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